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Like Daniel selftitled

The Martyr

By Aaron R. Tims

The Martyr
Scarred and then
And rose again

He has
Passed to me
The mission
To let you see

I was looking for the answer
They made me stumble `long the way
But I felt the truth lie deep in me
And I'll tell you here today
It's not the music that's important
But it's the words that are within
Quit judging me `cause of my style but
By the Blood that cleansed my sin

The Martyr, The Martyr
I've been saved by The Martyr
The Martyr
Nail scarred hands
Son of my God
The Son of Man

Now how could he be a martyr?
When He was the sacrifice
Nonexistent was His charge
But He still paid the price
He was scarred for my transgressions
He was crucified for me
By His stripes I know I've been healed
And His truth has set me free

The Martyr, The Martyr
We've punished Him
What was His crime?

See His pains and watch His sufferings
Wonder if that I could also do
See Him rise up just right next to me
And I see His face and I
Care, that He died for me and
Feel, how much He cared for me to
Die, for the wrongs I've done and
Still, love me like no other and I
Trust He would lift me and
Knew, that He died for you too
Christ, pulled me up when I was
Down, in despair, hate, and
Fear, but I fear nothing for He
Lives, and I live for Him too
(lead break)

The words of this Martyr changed me
He is my reality
Take up God's ol' armor
Knowing that He'll make the way
Believing that this Martyr
Was a sacrifice to God
And dying as a martyr
He showed His eternal love for me