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Start To Fly
By: Aaron R. Tims

Go and get me 10,000 angels
`Cause this is the night
I need an Armageddon to finally
Make things right

Throw away that old evolution
Darwin spoke a lie
Listen to all of Creation
Hear their cry

And look up to the sky for safety
Look up for the shining light
Calling out to Jesus help me turn out right
I'm callin' out for salvation
Callin' `cause I'm tired of dying
When He calls me home
I'll start to fly

How can I give into temptation
While He is Alive
I gave my sin away
When You came into my life

Woke up to eternity
When You walked in my life
Go and get the angels
Now let God show His might


Fly near to thee
When I hear Your call
Fly to Your arms oh Lord

Chorus (2xs)
When He calls me Home
I'll start to fly
(3xs) (leave fly off 3rd time)