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By Brian and Aaron Tims

And You, bring me to my knees, again
For the times that I fell desperately, I beg
That sometime, when I feel insecure
I could lay my burdens at Your Throne

'Cause I'm on the outside
I'm lookin' in
Take what I am Lord
Take it away
I'm on the outside
I'm lookin' in
I wanna new life
Free from this sin

I hear You, speak to me from the flame, in my heart
It's so still, yet it seems to cry out, to me
I have run, for so long, I don't know, where to turn
Oh won't you, make everything all right


And I'll try, yes I'll try
To give all to You
Live my life for You
Yes I feel, You inside
With the life You gave
You gave me mine
I give all that I have
All to You
So I'll see, all You are
And praise You one more time