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By Aaron R. Tims

You said to come out to the world
And ease my troubled mind
Yours was my body but I thought that
Still my soul was mine
I watched myself fall through
The world that I once knew
I feared there's nothing I could do, Yeah

I watched myself fall past
A Man that I once knew
I grabbed His arm and asked
Him to help me conquer you
He said, “I don't mind what happens now and then
But know that vengeance is mine in the end!

You drive me crazy how you
Say that you're some “superman”
But I'm alive and well and
On me you cannot lay a hand
No matter what you do
I know my God will be by my side
And He's Kryptonite

With Him I'm strong without I'm weak
So His presence I will seek
I took for granted all the times
He never let me down
I stumbled in and bumped my head
If not for Jesus I'd be dead
He picked me up and put me back
On solid ground


(Lead Break)



Whoa whoa whoa (3xs)