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Holy Nation
By: Aaron R. Tims

You know the world's in need of change
A “Holy Liberation”
The change of Life, they way you act
A brand new conversation
And what we call this ideal world
Is the Holy Nation

It's the Word of God and it's on the move
It'll spread to all the nations
We don't strive for the Hall of Fame
But we pray for your Salvation
And if you wonder what's our cause
It is the Holy Nation

Boys and girls welcome to this war
The enemy here is satan
Will you just sit back and watch
Or join the war we're wagin'

How far is that day?
That I finally hear Him say
Come into this Holy Nation
Come into this Holy Nation

None have lived the perfect life
But some's heads have felt inflation
But it doesn't matter where you are
It's what's your final location
And if you're bound for the holy realm
Then you're in the Holy Nation

The Angel's cheer more on one saved soul
Than on an entire righteous nation
But there is no sound for a sinner's world
An uncivilized civilization
But there is hope for this unsaved world
It is the Holy Nation

She thinks his child will bring her love
But it's nothing but degrading
Teenage girl in a woman's world
Will pay for not abstaining

Can they hear my call?
I will tell them all
To come into this Holy Nation
Come into this Holy Nation (3xs)

(lead break)

Hanging there He breathed His last
To bring Life to all Creation
We stand in awe as His fingers move
And He restarts His respiration
If you believe the words I say
Then you're in this Holy Nation

The time has come to face the Lord
There will be no more debating
Will you pass the test?
And beat the rest
Or will you be left waiting?

The Sacrificed first-born
Though He died why should I mourn, `cause He's
Waiting in His Holy Nation (4xs)