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Like Daniel as a whole
Like Daniel started on May 19, 2001 and has been having it's fun praising God and winning souls ever since. The idea for Like Daniel came from Aaron Tims when he found himself singing secular songs in school like Bawitaba and Dragula. This irked Aaron to sing these lyrics so he sat down in some free time he had and rewrote Bawitaba to Christian lyrics. Later he rewrote more and more songs, including Dragula, until 1 or 2 years later when the band slowly started to materialize. After getting disagreements out of the way Like Daniel started doing concerts with their first mini-concert being at their home church (Lighthouse Christian Center) in Louisville, Ky. They played "Start To Fly," "Kryptonite," then "The Chains" the crowd favorite being Kryptonite. And ever since then Like Daniel has been "redeeming" song lyrics to be used as tools for God's glory.

The band actually started with a name other than Like Daniel. When Aaron was searching for his band members the first time he tried to get it together it was known as Stigmata (which Aaron meant only as "the marks of Jesus"). But for some reason Stigmata wasn't going anywhere. In some free time Aaron once again had at school Aaron found a web site ( that had quite a powerful writer to it. Aaron had heard a few things about the name of his band maybe being wrong but nobody could produce any proof, but now he thought he found someone who could actually help him. Aaron E-mailed Tracy (the writer of the site) and explained to her his situation and finally asked her if the name Stigmata was wrong. She wrote back in a letter telling Aaron that it was demonic possession that made you receive the marks of Jesus Christ and that if he were to read his Bible than he would know this and not have to ask. This touched a nerve in Aaron's mind. If there was one thing he loved it was reading his Bible and he threw the entire argument aside and thought, "I don't read my Bible? I'll show her. I'll praise God and win souls with the name Stigmata on top of it." That night while Aaron was praying his kept getting interrupted by thinking about the E-mail he received. Finally Aaron couldn't take anymore, "God, I don't want to be held back from helping people just because of some stupid name..." And then remembered how nobody was able to find a fault in Daniel, "God, I just wanna be like Daniel!" It then hit him. This was to be the name. Given by God.

"Looking back I now realize that it was all God's plan even down to the rebellion rising up in me when I read the letter. Without it bothering me I never would have broke down and said what I did. If I would have just taken what she said I may have missed what God really wanted of me." -Aaron Tims