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Band Position Lead Singer, Song Writer, Bassist
DOB 6-13-85
Equipment Donated Mics, Dean Playmate

Aaron Tims was raised since birth in church. He grew up believing the word of God to be true and had never really been a "bad person." But when he was eight years old was the first time he ever heard how to get saved. The preacher was preaching about everything Hell is and Aaron was glad he didn't have to worry about it, or so he thought. At the very end of the sermon the preacher explained how to get saved. Aaron realized it didn't just take good works, or a nice attitude, or going to church to get saved. But you had to ask Jesus to save you. Aaron ran down to the altar to be the first one there and gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Aaron doesn't want anybody to have to wait eight years before they even find out  how to get "saved."

Aaron had only one band experience before he started Like Daniel. The band he was in was the first time Christarchy put itself together. Christarchy was more of an alternative rock band and Aaron played background keyboard some background vocals. The only time they ever played was when they played at their local Youth Group and they played "I Will Not Lose This Fire."  This was a last second song change from "R U Ready?" and Aaron didn't learn this song yet so being up on stage already Aaron quietly turned off his keyboard and hit the keys random and hard. "The funny thing was everyone was telling me how good I sounded on my way out of the church! I just laughed and said, 'Thanks.'" -Aaron Tims

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